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Rules, Procedures and Charges for Wedding ceremonies, Funerals & All Akhand Paths

Rules, Procedures and Charges for Wedding ceremonies, Funerals & All Akhand Paths

The Following charges will take effect from 1 st January 2013

Due to deficit of the Gurdwara's funds, the prices have been amended in order to become clearer, more inclusive and raise additional funding. Once the Gurdwara becomes debt-free, the prices will be re-considered at the time.

Gurdwara and Home Programs

Langer (Including Dhaal, Kheer, 1 Sabji, Puria/Parsharde)


Any Gurpurab at Gurdwara for 3 days


Any Akhand Path for 3 Days

Including: Groceries (Dhaal, Kheer, Sabji, Puria/ Parsharde)


Sehaj Path for any period of time (Except Gurpurab)


Babe de Phera / Sukhmani Sahib Path


Wedding Ceremonies

Boy's Side


Girl's Side


English Wedding Ceremony (Marriage Certificate):

Raggi jatha Bride groom family to pay


Sehaj Path for any period of time (Except Gurpurab)


Ganda/Shagan Boy's Side


Babe Da Phera / Sukhmani Sahib Path




During the wedding ceremony, in front of the Guru Granth Sahib, NO KALGI or SEHRA should be tied or hanging upon the top of the turban. After the wedding ceremony, NO FLOWER PETALS, GARLANDS,ETC . For the wedded couple is to be present in front of Guru Granth Sahib Ji. No SEHRA or SIKHYA by any member of any Ragi etc. Only 5 members from each family of the Boys Side & Girls Side may sit next to the wedded couple during the ceremony (Phere).No person is allowed to stand around the Guru Granth Sahib Ji when the Phere thake place.

A £300.00 refundable deposit to be taken on when arranging a booking date which is based on as follows:

*£100.00 fine if the kitchen is not left as found, clean and tidy.

*£250.00 fine if the Boys side arrives at the Gurdwara later than 2:00pm

*£250.00 fine if the Girls side arrives at the Gurdwara later than 3:00pm

The Intention to Marry Letter regarding the wedding issued by the Town Hall should be handed over to the marriage registrars or general secretary as soon as it is received or latest 3 weeks prior to the wedding ceremony.




Akhand Path / Sehaj Path (Including Daal, Parshade / Puria) & All Mattresses etc

£ Free

Note: All Chartal, Ardass's & Matha Monies must go to the Gurdwara.  

Other (Including Weddings)  

Table, Chairs or Crockery for 3 days only


Single Item for 3 Days Only



The General Meeting on the 23 rd September 2012 passed that any NON-PAYMENT of the Bhaji will constitute a £600 fine (£250 for Bhaji, £250 for the Late Payment of the Bhaji, £100 Extra Charge). This will be required upfront when making any booking regardless of any program including funerals.