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Welcome to the home page of Harley Grove Gurdwara.  The Sangat Gurdwara is open to everyone and it is the Sikh place of worship. It serves as both a place of worship and a cultural and learning centre for all ages of the community.

This website has been created to provide information of the services, events and celebrations held at the Gurdwara, we also hope it will give you a brief introduction to Sikhism, The Gurus and an understanding of the ceremonies held at the Gurdwara.

The Sikh Sangat Gurdwara is open to everyone of every race, creed and religion because in Sikhism everyone is equal. This equality can be seen by the fact that in Gurdwaras everyone sits down together on the carpeted floor in the Diwan Hall. If you should come to the Gurdwara, please bear this in mind when choosing your attire. Additionally, everyone is required to remove their shoes before entering the Gurdwara and keep their heads covered at all times in the Diwan Hall, Langar Hall and the Kitchen. We have listed these requirements along with more information about the Gurdwara in these pages

Daily Hukamnama from Amritsar - English

Monday, June 26, 2017

TILANG, FOURTH MEHL: The Guru, my friend, has told me the stories and the sermon of the Lord. I am a sacrifice to my Guru; to the Guru, I am a sacrifice. || 1 || Come, join with me, O Sikh of the Guru, come and join with me. You are my Guru?s Beloved. || Pause || The Glorious Praises of the Lord are pleasing to the Lord; I have obtained them from the Guru. I am a sacrifice, a sacrifice to those who surrender to, and obey the Guru?s Will. || 2 || I am dedicated and devoted to those who gaze upon the Beloved True Guru. I am forever a sacrifice to those who perform service for the Guru. || 3 || Your Name, O Lord, Har, Har, is the Destroyer of sorrow. Serving the Guru, it is obtained, and as Gurmukh, one is emancipated. || 4 || Those humble beings who meditate on the Lord?s Name, are celebrated and acclaimed. Nanak is a sacrifice to them, forever and ever a devoted sacrifice. || 5 || O Lord, that alone is Praise to You, which is pleasing to Your Will, O Lord God. Those Gurmukhs, who serve their Beloved Lord, obtain Him as their reward. || 6 || Those who cherish love for the Lord, their souls are always with God. Chanting and meditating on their Beloved, they live in, and gather in, the Lord?s Name. || 7 || I am a sacrifice to those Gurmukhs who serve their Beloved Lord. They themselves are saved, along with their families, and through them, all the world is saved. || 8 || My Beloved Guru serves the Lord. Blessed is the Guru, Blessed is the Guru. The Guru has shown me the Lord?s Path; the Guru has done the greatest good deed. || 9 || Those Sikhs of the Guru, who serve the Guru, are the most blessed beings. Servant Nanak is a sacrifice to them; He is forever and ever a sacrifice. || 10 || The Lord Himself is pleased with the Gurmukhs, the fellowship of the companions. In the Lord?s Court, they are given robes of honor, and the Lord Himself hugs them close in His embrace. || 11 || Please bless me with the Blessed Vision of the Darshan of those Gurmukhs, who meditate on the Naam, the Name of the Lord. I wash their feet, and drink in the dust of their feet, dissolved in the wash water. || 12 || Those who eat betel nuts and betel leaf and apply lipstick, but do not contemplate the Lord, Har, Har ? the Messenger of Death will seize them and take them away. || 13 || The Messenger of Death does not even approach those who contemplate the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, and keep Him enshrined in their hearts. The Guru?s Sikhs are the Guru?s Beloveds. || 14 || The Name of the Lord is a treasure, known only to the few Gurmukhs. O Nanak, those who meet with the True Guru, enjoy peace and pleasure. || 15 || The True Guru is called the Giver; in His Mercy, He grants His Grace. I am forever a sacrifice to the Guru, who has blessed me with the Lord?s Name. || 16 || Blessed, very blessed is the Guru, who brings the Lord?s message. I gaze upon the Guru, the Guru, the True Guru embodied, and I blossom forth in bliss. || 17 || The Guru?s tongue recites Words of Ambrosial Nectar; He is adorned with the Lord?s Name. Those Sikhs who hear and obey the Guru ? all their desires depart. || 18 || Some speak of the Lord?s Path; tell me, how can I walk on it? O Lord, Har, Har, Your Name is my supplies; I will take it with me and set out. || 19 || Those Gurmukhs who worship and adore the Lord, are wealthy and very wise. I am forever a sacrifice to the True Guru; I am absorbed in the Words of the Guru?s Teachings. || 20 || You are the Master, my Lord and Master; You are my Ruler and King. If it is pleasing to Your Will, then I worship and serve You; You are the treasure of virtue. || 21 || The Lord Himself is absolute; He is The One and Only; but He Himself is also manifested in many forms. Whatever pleases Him, O Nanak, that alone is good. || 22 || 2 ||

Daily Hukamnama from Amritsar - Punjabi

somvwr, 12 hwV (sMmq 549 nwnkSwhI)

iqlg mhlw 4 ] hy guris`K! im`qr gurU ny (mYnUM) prmwqmw dI is&iq-swlwh dIAW g`lW suxweIAW hn [ mYN Awpxy gurU qoN muV muV sdky kurbwn jWdw hW [1[ hy myry gurU dy ipAwry is`K! mYnUM Aw ky iml, mYnUM Aw ky iml [rhwau[ hy guris`K! prmwqmw dy gux (gwauxy) prmwqmw nUM psMd AwauNdy hn [ mYN auh gux (gwauxy) gurU pwsoN is`Ky hn [ mYN auhnW (vf-BwgIAW qoN) muV muV kurbwn jWdw hW, ijnHW ny gurU dy hukm nUM (im`Tw kr ky) mMinAw hY [2[ hy guris`K! mYN auhnW qoN sdky jWdw hW sdw sdky jWdw hW, ijnHW ipAwry gurU dw drsn kIqw hY, ijnHW gurU dI (d`sI) syvw kIqI hY [3[ hy hrI! qyrw nwm swry du`K dUr krn dy smr`Q hY, (pr ieh nwm) gurU dI srn ipAW hI imldw hY [ gurU dy snmuK irhW hI (sMswr-smuMdr qoN) pwr lMG skIdw hY [4[ hy guris`K! jyhVy mnu`K prmwqmw dw nwm ismrdy hn, auh mnu`K (prmwqmw dI hzUrI ivc) kbUl ho jWdy hn [ nwnk auhnW mnu`KW qoN kurbwn jWdw hY, sdw sdky jWdw hY [5[ hy hrI! hy pRBU! auhI is&iq-swlwh qyrI is&iq-swlwh khI jw skdI hY jyhVI qYnUM psMd Aw jWdI hY [ (hy BweI!) jyhVy mnu`K gurU dy snmuK ho ky ipAwry pRBU dI syvw-BgqI krdy hn, auhnW nUM pRBU (suK-) Pl dyNdw hY [6[ hy BweI! ijnHW mnu`KW dw prmwqmw nwl ipAwr pY jWdw hY, auhnW dy idl (sdw) pRBU (dy crnW) nwl hI (juVy rihMdy) hn [ auh mnu`K ipAwry pRBU nUM sdw ismr ismr ky, pRBU dw nwm ihrdy ivc sMBwl ky Awqmk jIvn hwsl krdy hn [7[ hy BweI! mYN auhnW mnu`KW qoN sdky jWdw hW, ijnHW ny gurU dI srn pY ky ipAwry pRBU dI syvw-BgqI kIqI hY [ auh mnu`K Awp (Awpxy) prvwr smyq (sMswr-smuMdr dy ivkwrW qoN) bc gey, auhnW swrw sMswr BI bcw ilAw hY [8[ hy BweI! gurU slwhux-jog hY, gurU slwhux-jog hY, ipAwry gurU dI rwhIN (hI) mYN prmwqmw dI syvw-BgqI SurU kIqI hY [ mYnUM gurU ny (hI) prmwqmw (dy imlwp) dw rsqw d`isAw hY [ gurU dw (myry auqy ieh) aupkwr hY, v`fw aupkwr hY [9[ hy BweI! gurU dy jyhVy is`K gurU dI (d`sI) syvw krdy hn, auh BwgW vwly ho gey hn [ dws nwnk auhnW qoN sdky jWdw hY, sdw hI kurbwn jWdw hY [10[ hy BweI! gurU dI srn pY ky (prspr pRym nwl rihx vwlIAW sq-sMgI) shylIAW (AYsIAW ho jWdIAW hn ik) auh Awp pRBU nUM ipAwrIAW l`gdIAW hn [ prmwqmw dI hzUrI ivc auhnW nUM Awdr imldw hY, prmwqmw ny auhnW nUM Awp Awpxy gl nwl (sdw) lw ilAw hY [11[ hy pRBU! jyhVy mnu`K gurU dI srn pY ky (qyrw) nwm ismrdy hn, auhnW dw mYnUM drsn b^S [ mYN auhnW dy crn DoNdw rhW, qy, auhnW dI crn-DUV Gol Gol ky pINdw rhW [12[ hy BweI! jyhVIAW jIv-iesqIAW pwn supwrI Awidk KWdIAW rihMdIAW hn, mUMh ivc pwn cbWdIAW rihMdIAW hn (Bwv, sdw pdwrQW dy BogW ivc msq hn), qy, ijnHW ny prmwqmw dw nwm kdy BI nwh ismirAw, auhnW nUM mOq (dy gyV) ny PV ky (sdw leI) A`gy lw ilAw (auh cOrwsI dy gyV ivc pY geIAW) [13[ hy BweI! ijnHW Awpxy mn ivc ihrdy ivc itkw ky prmwqmw dw nwm ismirAw, auhnW gurU dy ipAwry guris`KW dy nyVy mOq (dw fr) nhIN AwauNdw [14[ hy BweI! prmwqmw dw nwm ^zwnw hY, koeI ivrlw mnu`K gurU dI srn pY ky (nwm nwl) sWJ pWdw hY [ hy nwnk! (AwK?) ijnHW mnu`KW nUM gurU iml pYNdw hY, auh (hryk mnu`K) hir-nwm dy pRym ivc juV ky Awqmk AwnMd mwxdw hY [15[ hy BweI! gurU nUM (hI nwm dI dwiq) dyx vwlw AwKxw cwhIdw hY [ gurU q`T ky (nwm dyx dI) ikrpw krdw hY [ mYN (qW) sdw gurU qoN (hI) kurbwn jWdw hW, ijs ny (mYnUM) prmwqmw dw nwm id`qw hY [16[ hy BweI! auh gurU slwhux-jog hY, aus gurU dI vifAweI krnI cwhIdI hY, jyhVw prmwqmw dw nwm jpx dw aupdyS dyNdw hY [ mYN (qW) gurU nUM vyK vyK ky gurU dw (sohxw) srIr vyK ky iKV irhw hW [17[ hy BweI! gurU dI jIB Awqmk jIvn dyx vwlw hir-nwm aucwrdI hY, hir-nwm (aucwrn dy kwrn sohxI l`gdI hY [ ijnHW BI is`KW ny (gurU dw aupdyS) sux ky gurU au~qy XkIn ilAWdw hY, auhnW dI (mwieAw dI) swrI Bu`K dUr ho geI hY [18[ hy BweI! (hir-nwm ismrn hI) prmwqmw (dy imlwp) dw rsqw ikhw jWdw hY [ hy BweI! d`s, iks qrIky nwl (ies rsqy au~qy) qur skIdw hY? hy pRBU! qyrw nwm hI (rsqy dw) ^rc hY, ieh ^rc p`ly bMnH ky (ies rsqy au~qy) qurnw cwhIdw hY [19[ hy BweI! ijnHW mnu`KW ny gurU dI srn pY ky prmwqmw dw nwm jipAw hY auh v`fy isAwxy Swh bx gey hn [ mYN sdw gurU qoN kurbwn jWdw hW, gurU dy bcn dI rwhIN (prmwqmw dy nwm ivc) lIn ho skIdw hY [20[ hy pRBU! qU myrw mwlk hYN qU myrw swihb hYN, qU hI myrw pwiqSwh hYN [ jy qYnUM psMd Awvy, qW hI qyrI BgqI kIqI jw skdI hY [ qU guxW dw ^zwnw hYN, qU fMUGy ijgry vwlw hYN [21[ hy nwnk! (AwK?hy BweI!) prmwqmw Awp hI (inrgux srUp ivc) ieko iek hsqI hY, qy, Awp hI (srgux srUp ivc) AnykW rUpW vwlw hY [ jyhVI g`l aus nUM cMgI l`gdI hY, auhI g`l jIvW dy Bly vwsqy huMdI hY [22[2[

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