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Welcome to the home page of Harley Grove Gurdwara.  The Sangat Gurdwara is open to everyone and it is the Sikh place of worship. It serves as both a place of worship and a cultural and learning centre for all ages of the community.

This website has been created to provide information of the services, events and celebrations held at the Gurdwara, we also hope it will give you a brief introduction to Sikhism, The Gurus and an understanding of the ceremonies held at the Gurdwara.

The Sikh Sangat Gurdwara is open to everyone of every race, creed and religion because in Sikhism everyone is equal. This equality can be seen by the fact that in Gurdwaras everyone sits down together on the carpeted floor in the Diwan Hall. If you should come to the Gurdwara, please bear this in mind when choosing your attire. Additionally, everyone is required to remove their shoes before entering the Gurdwara and keep their heads covered at all times in the Diwan Hall, Langar Hall and the Kitchen. We have listed these requirements along with more information about the Gurdwara in these pages

Daily Hukamnama from Amritsar - English

Sunday, December 17, 2017

JAITSREE, NINTH MEHL: O Dear Lord, please, save my honor! The fear of death has entered my heart; I cling to the Protection of Your Sanctuary, O Lord, ocean of mercy. || 1 || Pause || I am a great sinner, foolish and greedy; but now, at last, I have grown weary of committing sins. I cannot forget the fear of dying; this anxiety is consuming my body. || 1 || I have been trying to liberate myself, running around in the ten directions. The pure, immaculate Lord abides deep within my heart, but I do not understand the secret of His mystery. || 2 || I have no merit, and I know nothing about meditation or austerities; what should I do now? O Nanak, I am exhausted; I seek the shelter of Your Sanctuary; O God, please bless me with the gift of fearlessness. || 3 || 2 ||

Daily Hukamnama from Amritsar - Punjabi

AYqvwr, 3 poh (sMmq 549 nwnkSwhI)

jYqsrI mhlw 9 ] hy pRBU jI! myrI ie`zq r`K lvo [ myry ihrdy ivc mOq dw fr v`s irhw hY, (ies qoN bcx leI) hy ikrpw dy ^zwny pRBU! mYN qyrw Awsrw ilAw hY [1[rhwau[ hy pRBU! mYN v`fw ivkwrI hW, mUrK hW, lwlcI BI hW, pwp krdw krdw hux mYN Q`k igAw hW [ mYnUM mrn dw fr (iksy vyly) Bu`ldw nhIN, ies (mrn) dI icMqw ny myrw srIr swV id`qw hY [1[hy BweI! (mOq dy ies sihm qoN) ^lwsI hwsl krn leI mYN AnykW hIly kIqy hn, dsIN pwsIN auT auT ky dOiVAw hW [ (mwieAw dy moh qoN) inrlyp prmwqmw ihrdy ivc hI v`sdw hY, aus dw Byq mYN nhIN smiJAw [2[hy nwnk! (AwK?prmwqmw dI srn qoN ibnw hor) koeI gux nhIN koeI jp qp nhIN (jo mOq dy sihm qoN bcw ley, iPr) hux kyhVw kMm kIqw jwey? hy pRBU! (hor swDnW vloN) hwr ky mYN qyrI srn Aw ipAw hW, qUµ mYnUM mOq dy fr qoN ^lwsI dw dwn dyh [3[2[

Forthcoming Events

We require all your support and donations


We like to thank all parties who have donated to the Gurdwara so far. As you can see from the Gallery the Gurdwara finished photos, however we still need further donations. You can donate buy clicking on Donate Button bellow.